Alternative Medicine Council/Institute/School Kolkata, WestBengal, India

Why should I join AMCC? 

Ans. Alternative Medical Council Calcutta (AMCC) is the nation's foremost organization in the field of Alternative Medicines. It has a membership of over 10,000 practitioners and over 90 affiliated centers all across the country and 2,000 centers across the globe. The students are provided with the opportunity to participate in Local/National/International conferences organized by the AMCC. These events are the annual feature, which provide students with a platform to exchange ideas and information, interact with doctors and therapists of international repute, and generally broaden their horizons.

Who will be the issuing authority and what is the status?

Ans. The issuing authority is Alternative Medical Council Calcutta. Alternative Medical Council Calcutta is legally constituted, internationally recognised and India leading, World wide Institution of Alternative Medicine in India. It is duly incorporated under Act XXVI of 1961 of government of west Bengal, based on the Central Government Act XXI of 1860, Literary & Scientific Institutions Act, 1854.

How do I pay from abroad?

Ans. You can pay by the following mode of payments:

1. Online Payment

2. Wire Transfer

3. Bankers Cheque

4. International Money Order

What if my profile does not match with the eligibility criteria?

Ans. If the profile of the student does not match with the eligibility criteria of the courses.The students will be provided with the suggestions from our end regarding the course which will match with the student's profile.

Since the program is offered through distance learning how can I gain practical experience?

Ans. A unique intense practical and clinical programme of 10 days duration is held every month. This training programme is for the benefit of the large number of students and at the same time the Council conducts workshops and seminars on different alternative therapies, traditional medicine and holistic healing in general. Besides practical training, the Council also conducts clinical training on a monthly basis. New and innovative methods of teaching are employed by an experienced faculty, the emphasis being on stimulating an environment akin to that which students are likely to experience in their professional practice.

How is correspondence training carried out?

Ans. There is a set of books for each course. They contain chapters to study. You will be sent a set of question papers too, which you should answer and send back the answer scripts for evaluation, following which you will be sent the mark sheet and certificate. 

May I register for one course only?

Ans. If you meet the required eligibility, you can take up more than one course at a time. I don’t live in India, can I still enroll in the AMCC’s distance learning program? Yes! That’s precisely the point of distance learning: you can study from anywhere in the world. Your courses are conducted through postal mail while help and information is provided by phone or e-mail! Whichever country you are in, you will be benefited from the same quality distance learning course program AMCC has always been known to provide.

Is there a time limit?

Ans. The correspondence method has a major advantage that the duration of the course can be tailored as per your convenience, provided that the limit is reasonable. You can decide a time frame other than the scheduled duration and inform the same to the coordinator in advance. You can even benefit from an extension if unforeseen events prevent you from handing in your papers in time.

How are exams conducted?

Ans. You will be supplied materials to study and the question papers will be sent for exams to be answered at home. You should send us the answer scripts by postal mail. Your mark sheet and certificate etc. will be sent to you on successful evaluation of the course taken.

What happens if I fail an exam?

Ans. If you fail to obtain the minimum pass marks, you are given a second chance for re-examination without involving any extra exam fee.

How can I get assistance for my research work under AMCC?

Ans. Once you are enrolled in our Ph.D.(A.M.) programmme, you will be given the option of appointing the guide on your own who will be assisting you for your research work or you can request us to get you the guidelines prepared by our panel of guides according to your chosen topic. The guidelines will be e-mailed to you for completion of your thesis.

Whom do I ask questions to?

Ans. You can send all your queries by e-mail or postal mail or even enquire over the telephone, the panel of faculty will be answering them readily.

How do I get admission at AMCC?

Ans. You must first fill in the online form and take a note of the fees which should be sent to us by Banker’s Cheque, Wire Transfer or International M.O. along with copies of your testimonials and two passport photos. You will be provided a studentship no. on our receipt of the remittances as a proof of your enrolment. You will be then receiving the study materials by postal mail to start the course.

What if I abandon the training?

Ans. The rules of AMCC state that you may interrupt your training with prior intimation and can rejoin later following the rules and regulations of the AMCC.

What is the status of Alternative Medical Council Calcutta and its courses?

Ans. Alternative Medical Council Calcutta is legally constituted, internationally recognized and India leading, World wide Institution of Alternative Medicine in India. It is duly incorporated under Act XXVI of 1961 of Government of West Bengal, based on the Central Government Act XXI of 1860, Literary & Scientific Institutions Act, 1854. The Diploma, Bachelor and Doctorate programs are duly chartered under the memorandum of the AMCC which has been accepted by the concerned department for registration. Moreover the rights of the practitioners of Alternative Medicine are duly protected under Article 19 of the Constitution of India.


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