Alternative Medicine Council/Institute/School Kolkata, WestBengal, India

1. I received today the diploma in osteopathy. Thank you very much! I am proud and happy to own this diploma and it will be useful concerning my activities in Alternative Medicines. The next month I would postulate for a doctorate in Indo Allopathy. Best wishes
  -Dominique Boubouleix, France

2. My name is Kingliest Pak. I am very interested in your Alternative Medical courses. Please advice me which course is available for me.
 -Kingliest Pak, Australia

3. I am interested in your post graduate course. I am particularly interested in the Doctor of naturopathy course. I need your guidance.
 -Wayne Weavell, Australia

4. I am opting for a doctorate based on research from you. I have presented 2 research papers in 2008 and presenting another in 2011 in World Congress in Malaysia. We are also organizing the World Congress for complementary Medicine next year. AMCC is cordially invited.
 -Dr. Arvind Rajloo, Malaysia

5. I will be very interested in doing further AMCC courses and even a research Ph D as soon as possible. I will await your guidance.
 -Dr. Dyn Parry, United Kingdom

6. Respected Sir, after our last conversation I am very satisfied with you (AMCC). I am eager to take up the course.
 -Justin Raj, Srilanka

7. Warm greetings from South Africa. I would like to know if you could give me a price on the accommodation for the 15 or 17 days for the clinical practice I would like to do.
 -Samantha Govender, South Africa

8. Certainly my plan is to get a Ph D as well as ND qualification from AMCC. I am a life long learner and the more knowledge I have the better equipped I am to help others. Thank you for both your patience and for the opportunities that you are graciously giving me. I will not forget your kindness and generosity.
 - Mr. Mimo Gasberri, Taiwan

9. I have already sent my documents & photographs to AMCC this morning. I will be making the wire transferring tomorrow. Thanks for your kind attention to my application and I look forward to commence the course as soon as I could.
 -Shariman, Singapore

10. May be in November I will come to AMCC for bachelor of Dental Alternative Science. How can I get to AMCC from my country Indonesia?
 - Dr. Jim Paul Mamahit, Indonesia

11. I have keen interest in Alternative Medicine & its various forms. I would like to start a distance course with you. Thank you very much for further information.
 -Janina Baeumler, Lisbon, Portugal

12. I am from Spain, Doctor in Natural Medicine, and I am interested to assist to a two months intensive training course for Clinical Hypnotherapy. Would you please advice if your institution could arrange such training as from May 2011? And which will be the proposed calendar.
 -Jordi Pavia, Spain

13. Greetings from Italy! I have received my RMP certificate. Hope every thing is OK with you. I assure you my prayerful support in all your undertakings. Thanking you for your kind cooperation.
 - Dr. Annie George MPV., Italy

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