Alternative Medicine Council/Institute/School Kolkata, WestBengal, India

     Conference View :

    The major ore challenges to the use of Alternaive medicines include the lack of organized networks of the practitioners in this system. There is a times need for measures to protect, preserve and spread the traiditional knowledge. To overcome the aforesaid adversity and to fulfil the need, Alternative Medical council Calcutta arranges it’s unique conference, seminer, workshop and other scientific events which served as a common platform of sharing uninvented knowledge and wisdom in the field of sustainable health care services.

     A Pavement Towards quality Experience

    One of the majore principl’s of holistic system of medicine is that the optimal health is much more than of the absence of disease. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest qualities of the physical, environmental, spiritual and social aspects of the human experience. Our conference is to gift the global citizen a convenient and safe pavement towards this quality experience.

Route-Map of Physician-Patient Relationship

Our conference is a route map on which the practitioners can find their destination of ideal physician-patient relationship, considering the needs, desires, awarenss and insight of the patient as well as those of the physicians. Physicians significant influence patients by their example. This conference is a unique way to increase one’s practical knowledge by sharing  personal experiences.

Integration of Knowledge and Wisdom

Our conference is a humble attempt with the presence of a number of dignitaries in the health care sector, to integrate the best of modern day technologies with the wisdom of the practice of medicine from the past, representing the next stage in the evolution of health care to the superlative degree.

Wellness Line

As more and more people are being attracted to alternative medicine, the willingness to consider Alternative Medicine, the willingness to consider alternative therapies is also beginning to spread it upto the everyday health care issues. Our conference represents itself as a sustainable wellness line equiped with the trained Holistic Practitioners who answer all kinds of health care questions publicly.


The Students / Practitioners in any system of medicines or persons having a keen interest in health awareness and health care issues can proudly join this conference to share practical knowledge and expertise in field of advance medical system.

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