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A nation's health not only depends on it's political and economic viability but predominantly depends on the health care of the society. Though the modern system of medicine with its amazing technological advancement registered a great contribution towards the development of national health care services conventional medicine still focuses on diseases as though disease catches people. But the ultimate truth is that people catch disease by becoming susceptible to the seeds of illness to which we are all constantly exposed through our negative approach of life. On the other hand holistic medicine views health as a balance of body systems-mental, emotional and spiritual, as well as physical.



Alternative Medical Council Calcutta was established in the year 1991 to serve the ailing humanity through this holistic approach and to set up a principal called holism, meaning state of wholeness in the health care services. Besides conducting various courses on holistic approach AMCC Plays it's noble duty to implement the principle of holistic medicine in real life. i.e. creating an awareness on preventing illness and maintaining health among the masses so that a prompt-damage-escape is made possible.


Other than hunger illness is generally the most important risk poor people have to face periodically. Untimely death due to illness, time taken off from work because of an illness and health care related expenses erode income & savings, often force them to sell assets and go into debt. The cost effective and easy accessible Alternative/Complementary Medicines Provided by our dedicated practitioners is very instrumental to the destitute when they truly need it rather than waiting for conditions to deteriorate. We actively Promote basic health education to the masses in the form of various simple but vital preventive health care messages on immunization, safe drinking water, Pre & Post natal care, combating the disibilating diseases like HIV/AIDS, Thalasemia e.t.c. and Programmes on Healthy Living Conditions.


For the diffusion of Knowledge in holistic system of medicine as well as to promote awareness to promote allround well being and to make this universe more hospitable to life, we arrange Conference/Seminar/Convocation Nationally and Internationally on a regular basis. We are delight to confer Honour through different Awards to the best performers in the field public health & hygiene through Holistic Approach. Our Conferences/Seminars/Convocations are enriched enough with the valuable Messages from the Hon'ble President, Vice President, Prime Minister of India., Hon'ble Governors of different States; reputed doctors & no of dignitaries Nationality and Internationally as well as the eminent personalities from different foreign bodies like WHO, UNICEF and other. Through our Conference/Seminar/Convocation we are aimed to create such an awareness that would rightly fill the gap of being non-treated. These are more instrumental to spread the Ideology of Holistic Health Sciences to open new and natural vista for happy and Healthy Globe.


The irrational and unscientific superstitious beliefs & actions still remain active shaping themselves according to the society either advanced or primitive that erodes our Social, Physical & Mental well being. To cast out these evils we arrange scientific seminars and awareness programmes among the masses. The council itself promotes mobile & stationery medical centers for general treatment in holistic system and provides asylum for the drug victims.

Aroused by the moral duty AMCC always stands by the victims of natural disasters & calamities providing them the relief medicine and others and assists in their rehabilitation process. As the herbal remedies are gaining popularity world wide for it's safety and efficacy, in the area of medicinal plants. Schemes are being run by AMCC for developing modern agro-techniques, cultivation of medicinal plants and establishing farmer-pharmacy linkages. Besides this, an eye-soothing herbal garden has been created in the office premises of AMCC with the medicinal herbs.


We believe that the knowledge of Holistic System of Medicine what is already in the public domain is being handed down traditionally from generation. Any claim that this well documented knowledge is a novelty or an invention should be marked as vague and purposeful. To Prevent this we are on the way to establish a Traditional Knowledge digital library.

AMCC in the Social  Sector :

Since it’s very inception, Alternative Medical Council Calcutta has not only confined itself to the book based field of diffusing medical knowledge among the students, but also noted itself in the practical socio-economic scenario infused with a sense of social commitment.

Social Sector

a) Alternative therapy Centre –

A charitable alternative therapy dispensary has been organised by the council where a number of dignified medical professionals render their health services to the vulnerable ailing patients in and around the globe. In this dispensary, patients get a convenient and safe treatment through a number of clinically tested therapies and medical systems.

b) Health camps –

In its humanitarian and social welfare curriculum Alternative Medical council Calcutta has proudly initiated health camps in different health & hygine issues mostly in the rural  and semi urban areas such as thallasemia detection camp child immunization camps, blood donation camp, health awareness camp on safe drinking water, environmental protection, general health, toxic emission etc.

c) Natural Calamities –

Alternative Medical Council Calcutta always stands by the victims of natural calamities such as flood, quakes or other disasters with the full support of food, essential drugs. The disaster management team comprised of the well-trained doctors, nurses, other health care providers and distinguished civic personalities help the victims to reconstruct themselves physically, mentally and spiritually representing the all-round sense of wellbeing.

Medical Journal –

A Complete health journal Healing Plus, enriched with the advanced data of modern health care system is published monthly from this Council. This journal is a milestone for every practitioner either in conventional or alternative system of medicine to update his knowledge & skill.


Health Books –


Besides publishing a multidimensional, well informative health magazine a lot of medical oriented health Books are published by the publication division of the Council. These books are essential for practitioners. The books are handy for latest information about health & hygiene issues.


The books are the solo and sincere effort to make us responsible for our own health. The quest for knowledge is a necessity when deciding to focus on identifying and correcting the cause of a health condition, not merely chasing the symptoms. These books help to meet this need for knowledge.

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