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Ramesh Chandra Baidya-Principal


Born in 1965 in West Bengal, India Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya, is truly attributed as a multidimensional personality’. The whole person of Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya, the Founder-Secretary is dedicated to his incorporated works. So naturally the profile of these works equals to his personal profile. He viewed to provide three basic services i.e. Education, Health & Socio-Economic to the fellow countrymen sometimes to the Global citizens. 

The multidimensional personality Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya, the Founder-Secretary of Alternative Medical Council Calcutta is widely regarded as the pioneer of the Holistic medical movement in India. From the very inception of the Council, Shri Baidya recognized that the medical practitioners should consider how a patients attitude towards life shapes life’s quantity & quality. His teaching/technical guide lines as a secretary are well designed as per this thought and also promotes research & disseminates knowledge gained there from for the best interest of ailing humanity through affiliated Institutes.

Shri Baidya, through his incorporated Council unceasingly advocates a ideology called holism, meaning “State of wholeness”. Any disharmony is thought to stress the body & perhaps lead to sickness. Alternative therapy recognizes that the human body is well equipped to resist diseases & heal injuries. In spite of the wonderful advances in technological medicines that have transformed the face of modern medicine & saved millions of lives,the system is geared to the prescriptions of drugs.The benefits of alternative medicine with its aim of stimulating the body to heal itself, it is less invasive in characters & has fewer side effects.

Shri Baidya & AMCC are in a constant effort to integrate different methods of treatment for the health care provider involved. It could mean the difference between the life & death of a patient. This integration will be needed in order to give patients the best of all fields of study.

Despite the large diversity the inevitable challenges faced by most of the working Health Institutes are management challenges. In spite of all professionalism and development skills, developments are taking place in an isolated way marking a communication gap between the language & geographical groups.

To overcome this adversity Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya, as a Secretary of AMCC is in a constant  effort to build up a forum to bring together all developments relating to Health Care Management. He wants to setup a cross cutting common platform where all Global Health Institutes can find answers to their management questions issues.

To Facilitate education among the under privileged and backward sections, specially women. Central Correspondence College was destined for work to enlighten them in the light of proper education. A large number of students are established at national level to-day obtaining a balanced education designed by the Principal, Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya.

The B. C. B. Medical College was established by Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya. with a decided attempt to build a career in Alternative Medicine in regular Courses. Besides conducting diverse course curriculum in alternative system of medicines the college also promotes research & disseminates knowledge gained there from for the best interest of ailing humanity. Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya is the principal of B. C. B. Medical College who with all of his knowledge & expertise stands by the students to satisfy all sorts of learning support needs.

Beside these, Shri. Ramesh Chandra Baidya, the Director-Owner of the Baidya International Publication, is in an unique effort to defuse knowledge among the fellow citizen through different types of books well edited by him in English, Hindi & Bengali Version, that are the vital solution of different kinds of modern day civic problems of World.

Healing Plus (Health Magazine/Journal), the India edition, edited by Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya, brings out with an intended purpose of raising health awareness of its fellow readers all over the Country and also abroad.

Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya, the Founder-Secretary of Barasat Human Welfare Foundation, a Worldwide India leading NGO is in the work of implementation of various social upliftment & welfare activities as a Managing Director of BHWF. The Micro-Credit program is major of them. The poor who have rare access to financial services from the formal financial sectors and have to meet their need by borrowing money at a very high cost from the informal money-lenders can shield themselves against socio-economic vulnerability through the micro-Credit project designed by the chief functionary. BHWF’s Microfinance program has already demonstrated that very poor clients can be reached profitably.

No such adversity either social or economic can cause to curb his indomitable sprit on the way of serving mankind. It is not easy to give a stand alone summary of his life & activities. It can be said that the various corners of human life which have the chance to come in contact with his versatile genius has been revived with golden reality.

Molice, the famous British Personality once said ‘Nothing can be fairer or more noble than the holy fervor of true zeal’. Yes, it is the true zeal that can be truly applied to Baidya’s Philosophy of life.

Shri Ramesh Chandra Baidya with all his knowledge & expertise is in the service of valuable consultancy to the fellow countrymen in three different & basic social sectors with prior appointment i.e. Health, Education & N.G.O. sector.



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