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Edited by Ramesh Chandra Baidya

    Name of Books                                                    Price

1. How to Develop Your Brain Power (English) Rs. 100

2. How to Conceive Boy or Girl (English) Rs. 100

3. Sex Therapy A to Z (English) Rs. 100

4. NGO Guide Nook (English)  Rs. 100

5. Top Secret of Sex Life (Hindi) Rs. 60

6. Great Sex in Life (Hindi) Rs. 60

7. How to Conceive Boy or Girl (Hindi) Rs. 60

8. Buddhi Ki Bhabe Baraben (Bengali) Rs. 120

9. How to Develop Your Brain Power (Bengali) Rs. 100

10. Shisuder Mulyabodh (Bengali) Rs. 120

11. How to Conceive Boy or Girl (Bengali)  Rs. 100

12. Sex Therapy A to Z (Bengali) Rs. 100

13. Healing Plus Year Book (Bengali) Rs. 120

14. Narir Chokhe Purushali Baishistha Rs. 120

15. Before & After Marriage (Bengali)  Rs. 100

16. Sahabas (Bengali) Rs. 100

17. Sex & Philosophy (Bengali) Rs. 100

18. Youna Jibaner 1000 Prosnotter (Bengali)  Rs. 100

19. Great Sex in Life (Bengali) Rs. 60

20. Secret of Female Health (Bengali) Rs. 60

21. Healthy Life (Bengali) Rs. 60

22. Saysab Theke Kaisorer pathe (Bengali)  Rs. 60

23. Top Secret of Sex Life (Bengali) Rs. 60

24. NGO Guid Nook (Bengali) Rs. 100

Additional charge Rs. 50 for postal charge.

Baidya International Publication,

Barasat, Helabattala, Kolkata 700125

the publication division of Council, have published Informative Health Books. We advice to collect the books from the Council by Cash/DD/MO.


The Following books and products related to various categories and subjects are available with the Institute. Prices on request. Please send your queries to


A handbook of alternative medicine -Edited by Ramesh Chandra Baidya History, Philosophy & Principles of Alternative Medicine - Alternative Medical Council Calcutta


Practice in Homoeopathy at Home –Jadav Beginnners’ Guide to Homoeopathy-Iyer Students’ Guide to Practice of Medicine -Arora Ritu


The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler(large size)-Boericke & Dewey Biochemic System of Medicine (Materia Medica & Repertory)-Carey Handbook of Biochemic Guide for Common Ailments-Kansal Biochemic Medicines - Alternative Medical Council Calcutta


Magnetotherapy-A self help book - H.L.Bansal Magnet Therapy in Theory & Practice - S.Neville Healing by Magnets – Bhattacharya The Art of Magnetic Healing - Dr.M.T.Santwani Teletherapy- Bhattacharya Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy – Bhattacharya Healing through Gems -N.N.Saha Magnet Therapy - E.Hulzafel


How to heal yourself using foot acupressure - Michael Blate How to heal yourself using hand acupressure - Michael Blate Natural Healers Acupressure - Book 1 - Michael Blate Advanced G-Jo-Natural Healers Acupressure Handbook-2 Acupressure Therapy - Legger Goosman Clinical Acupuncture A to Z - A. Jayasuria Acupressure Cure for Common Diseases - Kenyon Keith Acupuncture Biodynamic Energies and Homoeopathy - A Therapeutic Guide-V.M.Margutti Acupuncture for every one - A .K. Mehta Acupuncture Cure for Common Diseases - G. Shah Acupuncture & Homoeopathy - Bolognesi.M


Materia Medica of Indian Drugs - P. Banerjee Lesson for Indo-Allopathy - Alternative Medical Council Calcutta


Colour Therapy – Amber Foods that Heal – Bakhru Herbs that Heal – Bakhru Family Medicine Book - Bapna, Strond, Dandiya A. & Patni Seeing without Glasses - Kaplan Robert Michael Juicing for Life ( A guide to health benefits of fresh fruits & vegetable juices) Food for Health - A. P. Dewan Herbal Remedies - Mark Evan The natural way of healing - J.M.Jussawalla The Nature Cure for Common Diseases - V.D.Modi Power of Colour - Morton Walker Fruit & Vegetable Juice Therapy - N.N.Saha Naturopathy-IAlternative Medical Council Calcutta. Complete Aromatherapy Hand Book - Fischer R.Susanne Aroma Therapy - Julie Sadlar


Bach Flower Remedy for Everyone - J. Master Farokh Beginners’ Guide to Bach Flower Remedies - Krishnamurthy Home Study on Bach Flower - Vohra Bach Flower Remedies for all - Vohra Bach Flower - Alternative Medical Council Calcutta


Ayurvedic Healing - Frawley David Ayurvedic Cure for Common Diseases - Bhagwan Das Ayurvedic Acupuncture - Frank Ross


Complete Book of Yoga - Sri Ananda Yogic Cure for Common Diseases - Phulgendu Sinha Yoga in daily life - K.S.Joshi Yogic Pranayama - K.S.Joshi


Electro Homoeopathic Medicine - Dr. Mattei A Practical Guide to Electro Homoeopathy - K.M.Kulkarni Organon of Electro Homoeopathy - K.T.Yevatkar Materia, Medica of Electro Homoeo Medicine - Agarwal G.P.


Reflexology - Dr. Suman Motilal Shah


Healing with Astrology - Starck Marcia Practical Hypnotism - Dr. Narayan Dutta Srimali A handbook of palmistry - Chawdhri L.R Empowerment through Reiki - Paula Haron Anatomy - Alternative Medical Council Calcutta Physiology - Alternative Medical Council Calcutta Gynaecology & Obstetrics - Alternative Medical Council Calcutta Hygiene - Alternative Medical Council Calcutta


One Multi Massager (Vibrator) with 10 Attachments One Pair of Medium Power Magnet One Spine Care Roller (ACU-Magnetic) Energy Roller (set of 4)


One Acu. Pulser One Multi Massager (Vibrator) with 10 Attachments One Self Massager One Energy Roll Kit (Set of 4) One Pair of High Power Healing Magnets One Spine Care Roller (Acu-Magnetic


Super Power Magnet (Set) High Power Magnet (Set) Medium Power Magnet (Set) Low Power Magnet (Set) Magnets for Nose Treatment (Set) Magnetic Specks (General) Mini Healing Magnet (Pack of 10 magnets) Magnetic Necklace Back and Belly Belt (Multi action) Knee belt (Multi action) pair Magnetic health watch Cervical belts (Multi Action) Back up belt (Super Supporter) Spine Care Roller (Acu Magnetic) Body Care Roller (Acu Magnetic) Water (Glass Magnetic) Magno Disc with belt Head Belt Twister with Magnets (Steel) Twister with Magnets (Plastic) Ear Magnet (Pair) for weight loss (Small) Ear Magnet (Pair) for weight loss (Big)


Foot Roller (Standard size) Hand Roller Jimmy Spine Roller Energy Roll Kit (Set of 4) Wonderful Acupressure Rubber Ball Spring Jimmy Acupressure Wooden Patta Acupressure Plastic Patta Shoe Sole


Vibrator (With 6 attachments) Vibrator (With 10 attachments) Acu Point Finder with Tense Acu Pulser Tense 2 channel Vibrator with Heater + 4 attachments


Stethoscope B.P Instrument B.P.Instrument (Mercury)


1 Channel Stimulator 2 Channel Stimulator 3 Channel Stimulator 4 Channel Stimulator 5 Channel Stimulator 6 Channel Stimulator (With timer) 10 Channel Stimulator 12 Channel Stimulator Physio Stimulator 10 Channel Needles Acupuncture Packetof 20 (Copper) Packet of 10 (Silver coated ring head) Packet of 20 (Steel) Packet of 20 (Silver coated)


1. A complete set of Electro Homoeopathy Medicines 2. A complete set of Bach Flower Medcines  

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