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The term Alternative Medicine means a system which is not generally considered a part of conventional medicine. This is in contrast to the allopathic system, in which the art of labeling is called “diagnosis” and is considered in very high esteem. Medical diagnosis enables the physician to attach a pre-determined disease classification to the set of symptoms presented by the patient. This makes medical treatment relatively easy because patients can be prescribed drugs according to symptoms which will enslave him to life-long dependence. Symptoms are the end- result of an internal pathological process. If the cause is not removed, as soon as the medication is stopped, the symptoms will re-appear. Holistic medicinal approach is interested in causes and how to eradicate them. It does not cause dependence. On the contrary: it liberates you; by removing the causes, it sets you free from symptoms, from drugs, from disability, from suffering and from dependence on healthcare practitioners. Alternative system holds that the body is the best healer... the only healer! We just have to give it a chance! In the conventional system, sufferers run around from doctor to doctor, sampling various treatments that may be of little or no value to their particular situation, without realizing that practitioners treat patients only in the discipline that they were trained in. But the human body does not function on a fragmental basis. The patient is a whole unit, body, mind and soul, and must be treated as such. Holistic system uncovers the original contributory factors to current problems including the exact cause of the condition that presents itself - and the precise way that the body chooses to benefit most from treatment. This is light years ahead of any “symptom chasing” approach... it is the Holistic approach of the future!

Why AMCC :

For many of the medical students  it may be one of the prime decisions that you will have to make about your choices with medical institutions. What to study and where have a distinguished impact on your prospects and future career in the ultra advanced medical world.Here are some reasons for choosing our council:-

1. Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in work force today. Joining the powerhouse industry now is not only a smart move, but it is also likely to be hugely rewarding as well. You’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of patients every year, which is a noble calling indeed. In addition, the health care industry offers many different occupational possibilities as well, allowing people of all interests to find a particular niche that suits them best. Examples of specialty fields within holistic health care are Alternative Medicines, Massage Therapy, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Counseling, Dental health, Clinic Management, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Radiology, Nursing and many other exciting careers. You can get scientific training in such subjects under AMCC.

2. In the field of Health Education, AMCC gives you the easy access to a huge range of Medical/ Paramedical courses in complementary medicine that are designed to be flexible to match your needs.

3. The safety and effectiveness of the therapies/treatments taught under the course curriculam of this council are well established i.e. through scientific trials they do no harm when used under defined conditions and there is a likelihood of benefit from these practices applied under typical conditions by average practitioner for the typical patient.

4. Whether you are already in the health care field or are just getting started, the online health and medicine courses provided by AMCC can help you to further your goal of helping others improve their physical and spiritual health.

5. AMCC is the most friendly, approachable coucnil that invites student from many walks of life around the globe.

6. We give value to your time and money

7. The council is located in the cultural heart of India i.e. Calcutta, the city of joy and life.

8. For students abroad, the council offers accommodation at affordable cost.

9. We have extensive links with several professional bodies and resouce organizations in health care sector.

10. AMCC is uniquely designed to work as a convenient and safe resource to support basic health care services throughout the globe.

11. AMCC has also established formal and informal likages with  so many global health organisations, institutes, research and training organisations.

12. The faculties are well trained in teaching methodology, and are exposed in advanced health issues in the form of workshops, seminar or any sorts of training.

13. AMCC has set it’s objectives for a proecess of health education with a functional quality control mechanism, that can ensure producing competent practitioners.

14. Hazards free congenial academic environment

15. Advance ladder go-up system.

16. Those who already have expertise in the health care field can open a training centre and get affiliated with us to further this noble mission of eradicating suffering and illness.

17. The council organises National & International conferences seminars and symposiums on a regular basis. Professionals with high expertise and repute around the globe produce their research work in these events. Awards are conferred to the best academic performers.

18. Secretary of the council, a multidimensional personality extends his friendly, philosophic and guiding hands to you so that you will be able to develop an analytical and enquiring mind to respond creatively to the problems that you face in your medical profession and to develop qualities which will enable you to cope in a rapidly advancing medical world.

Our object

Alternative Medical Council Calcutta is a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices and products that are different from any unilateral approach towards healing. AMCC was established way back in 1991. But till today it is in great demand because of expanding global need. Half of AMCC’s mission is to educate the ailing humanity all around the globe about better health options and the other half is to educate the world about the natural healing process that everyone of us possesses bodily and in mind. In a word, how to tap the inner energy that heals the individual and the surrounding. Our vision is to strive for a world of health practitioners who have interacted with and are truly knowledgeable about the world’s under privileged.

AMCC opts for holistic education and research into all areas of natural health for people. Holistic medical approach is catching more and more global attention each day as people are finding it safe, secure and affordable in comparison with conventional ways of treatment.

AMCC caters to this need through over hundred colleges all around the world who are affiliated with us and through countless practitioners who studied from here. Other resources are the various channels that it operates on including spreading health awareness through medical camps, courses, free treatments etc. Online health and medicine course we offer will help build your knowledge and skills of the industry so that you may successfully join a health care facility and become a valuable member of the faculty medical team.

AMCC provides online, Distant and regular courses in over hundred medicinal and Traditional subjects. Of course the huge task of AMCC has not yet been completely achieved and obviously never will be. We hope that we can inspire more and more likeminded people to join us in this noble mission.

Admission Info

The Medicinal courses provided by AMCC are oriented towards students with a decided interest in a career in Holistic research or a strong interest and background in Alternative medicinal practice. The AMCC curriculum is designed to emphasize basic and quantitative understanding of Holistic approach of medicine and pathophysiologic processes and a fundamental approach to important concepts in Alternative field of medicine. Following are the main features:-

Distance Learning procedure

Besides conducting the regular courses in holistic medicine the council has its unique distant learning Procedure. Online admission forms and further information is available in our website After successful completion of the prescribed courses, Practitioner’s Certificate will be provided by the council empowering you to practice on that field of Complimentary Medicine.

Regular classes

Regular courses are conducted through B.C.B. Medical College, a mother concern of the council and various other colleges affiliated with us. Seats are limited for admission. If a request is made well ahead, Accommodation is also arranged. The rental for accommodation is to be paid in advance on a semester basis and must be paid one month before beginning of each semester along with requisite course fees. Besides Medical and Paramedical courses, the council also imparts education in dentistry and education in Indian systems of medicine under a single umbrella maintaining uniformity and high standards of education. The council also promotes research and disseminates knowledge gained there from. The principal of B.C.B. Medical College stands by the student to satisfy all sorts of learning support needs.


For admission you need to duly fill up the form provided with this prospectus and send to us along with 5 copies of your passport size photograph and full contact details. Once application is granted you can get enrolled by paying the course fees and carry on with the courses. After completion of course certificate is granted.

Our Faculties

AMCC has a long tradition of both research and educational excellence and continues to deliver on quality of learning and teaching and service to its community through highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Our faculties are always there to stand by the students being committed to provide maximum support for the best interest to promote, propagate and advance the science of Alternative Medicine. They offer easy access to the learners and help grow a genuine interest in picking up knowledge in their particular fields.

Student Facility

The council reserves 2% of its seats for the physically challenged students in each academic session. Concession is given on course fees to such students followed by written application.

Award Facility

In each academic session the highest scorer among the students is awarded by the council.


With distant learning gaining more respect from employers, online courses are becoming increasingly valuable additions to resumes as well. Deciding to further your education can be one of the most important decisions and investments you ever made in life. So be sure to weigh your options carefully.

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